World of Warcraft Fight- Netherwing Rogue

In World of Warcraft, you will fight to various enemies. If you want to be a good WoW player, you must learn some knowledge about fighting.

Once your life value is zero, your character is dead. Life value is denoted by the green bar at the upper left corner of your screen. Move your mouse over the green bar, you can see the exact life value of your character. You can lift the upper limit of his life value through leveling up, increasing stamina or acquiring some items for increasing life value. You can also resume your life value through healing, life medicine or other ways. After fighting, you can have some food or just sit down to have a rest to resume your life value. Life value can naturally recover during fights. You had better save or buy some life medicines to avoid your death under dangerous situations. You can put your life medicines into the shortcut column, which is convenient for you to use.

The fighting time varies from different situations like character’s level, monster’s level, class, equipment and the usage of your magic. There is a common sense you should keep in mind. The higher level a monster owns, the longer time you need to kill it. It is because the monster with higher level has bigger odds to defend you magic and avoid your attacks. World of Warcraft owns a real time battle system, thus a weapon user must wait to re-attack according to the latency orspeed of his weapon. A magic caster also needs to wait for a while to re-cast his magic.

If you are stricken to be dizzy, you can do nothing. You will be frozen to stay still there until the dizzy effect disappears. If you move your pointer over the dizzy icon at the upper right corner of your screen, you can know how much time is left until the dizzy effect is over.

Some monsters will cast dread magic on your character, which makes you lose entire controlling ability to your character. Your character will be taken over by your computer or the monster. Your character will run away follow a random direction and your name will turn red. You have to wait until this magic disappears. When you are cast dread magic by a monster, you must inform your teammate in time.

If you must retreat, in order to escape, you must use an ability that can slow down the movement of the monster.